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  • Canadiens 5th pick a Shocker

    The Canadiens surprised everyone today by selecting goaltender Carey Price at #5.

    The first goalie to go in the draft, who himself said he did not expect to go that high.

    The pick was criticized early by the media, considering many think the Canadiens have many other holes to fill before a goalie.

    Personally, I agree. I expected the habs would make a move for a strong large center or power forward.

    However, I have faith in Bob Gainey and crew’s decision making abilities. He has yet to let us down, and who knows, maybe this kid will develop into a strong netminder.

  • Bye Bye Breezer

    Many habs fans got their wish this week when Bob Gainey declined the option on Patrice Brisebois’ contract.

    Personally, I never cared all that much for him, but I think Breezer took a lot of unnecessary abuse.
    He was nothing special, but not nearly as bad as the media and fans made him out to be.

    However, it was totally outrageous that Breezer was earning 4 million a year, he was nowhere near worth that kind of money. So was this really a surprise?

    What this really means is the habs are freeing up money and going after a big name defenseman, which we desperately need. Rumours floating around include Sergei Zubov, Adam Foote but I don’t see either of them wanting to play here.

    Rumours about Gainey might be trading up in the draft are also floating around, #2 is expected to be Jack Johnson or Benoit Pouliot, the latter of interest to the habs.

    Until Saturday.