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  • Theodore on His way out?

    The latest rumours being kicked around are Theodore going to Florida in exchange for Montreal native Roberto Luongo. Is this so far fetched?

    Probably so. Although there has been trouble getting Theo signed to a long term deal don’t look for this to happen unless Theo’s asking price is ridiculously high.

    They are both restricted free agents and both in the same calibre and price range. They will both be expecting big bucks after what Khabibulin signed for in Chicago. Theo has stated that he wants to play in Montreal and I believe that to be true. What would be the point of this swap?

    Well from a Florida Panther standpoint it could be beneficial considering that Mike Keenan apparently wants Michael Ryder to be included in this deal somehow. Ryder was robbed as rookie of the year last year and has a promising future ahead of him in this league.

    I don’t see any possible reason to exchange Ryder, Bouwmeester being the only choice to ponder.

    Will any of this happen? Doubtful, but stranger things have happend. If Theodore’s Vezina Trophy and Hart trophies are still dancing in his head and he’s holding out for some more money to give his loanshark daddy, then maybe this should happen.

  • What’s goin on in Pittsburgh?

    It seems everyday since the Penguins won the draft lottery that they are in the headlines.

    When I think of The Pittsburgh Penguins, I think one of two things,
    Outstanding offensive competitive team, cup hungry and entertaining to watch.

    Or on the other hand, terrible defensive, ok terrible OVER ALL team. A team that draws no fans, a team that finished dead last in the East last season, a team that was/is in danger of moving, a team with the oldest arena in the NHL.

    Well it seems like things are looking better in Pittsburgh these days. After drafting Sidney Crosby, excitement is off the wall.
    What has happend since then?
    The Pens have gone on a signing spree, Mark Recchi already locked up, the Penguins out of nowhere add:

    • Sergei Gonchar, arguably one of the best defenseman in the league.
    • Zigmund Palffy, top tier forward.
    • Crosby himself, who even in his first year is expected to make an impact.
    • Andre Roy, the Pens went for a tough guy right away to protect their latest draft pick.
    • Russian Sniper Evgeni Malkin expected to sign, look for him and Crosby to flourish together.

    Let’s not forget Mario, should he stay healthy he still is an offensive threat and a potential league leader in powerplay points.
    All of a sudden the Penguins aren’t a team to be walked over anymore.

    Now there is speculation is Curtis Joseph has an interest in joining the Pens in goal, which may address that remaining question mark.

    Why did this happen? What made the Penguins go from dead last to a potentially good playoff contender?
    Were these players so in love with the idea of playing with Sidney Crosby that they all decided to sign in Pittsburgh? A kid who hasn’t played an NHL game yet?

    Whatever the reason, it seems like the Penguins are on the right track to getting back to their glory days.
    Mario’s boys are making a strong run for it before he hangs up his skates.