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  • Why The Penguins won’t win the Cup

    Ever since draft day all I hear is how Pittsburgh is a lock for the Stanley Cup.

    Are you kidding?

    Well let’s look what Pittsburgh has been up to. As I mentioned here,
    Pittsburgh is definately making a lot of moves, big moves. Smart moves.
    Maybe a move too many?
    Do the New York Rangers ring a bell? How many ‘superstars‘ can a team have? How long before the ego’s clash?

    Who have they added? Sergei Gonchar, John Leclair, Mark Recchi, Zigmund Palffy, and the wonderboy Crosby himself. Assuming Mario stays healthy, they’re offence is looking rather potent. Their powerplay in particular, could destroy certain teams.

    On paper things look great. Maybe the one guy we are forgetting to mention here is Ed Olczyk.

    Let’s not forget we have a rookie coach, who has little to no experience. Unless coaching the worst record in the league last season counts for experience.

    Ed had no prior coaching experience at any level before taking over the bumbling Penguins. As Wayne Gretzky is about to find out, just being a player doesn’t make you a coach. Montreal Fans will remember Mario Tremblay quite well. Combine that with the pressure of coaching in the new Pittsburgh, and what do you get?

    How can we realistically expect Ed Olcyzk to control the new Penguins? With all that talent and all those new expectations on his shoulders, don’t be too surprised if the Penguins don’t burst out of the gate or aren’t cup bound by December, to see a coaching change. This is their chance in Pittsburgh, Mario won’t be around forever, nor will their aging veterans and perhaps neither will their fans.

    Good Luck Eddy.

  • Theo signs for 3 years

    Earlier this week I mentioned that it Jose Theodore was going to be signed by Friday. Today, just that has happend.

    What does this mean for the Canadiens? Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

    Anytime your team re-signs a Vezina Trophy winner and a Hart Trophy winner it’s something important.

    Theodore signed for 3 years at an undisclosed sum. Estimates are that it’s a $16 Million deal , beginning this year at $4.5 Million. That makes Theo the 4th highest paid goalie in the league and puts an end to all the trade speculation that has been flying around the Montreal area. 3 years can be considered ‘long term’ in this age of the NHL.

    Jose Theodore is a good #1 starting goalie. Plain and simple. He may be a great goalie. He has shown signs of excellence and perhaps is just entering the prime of his career. However he’s also been questionable, after his Vezina/Hart season, with his new high paying contract in his pocket, Jose faltered in nets for the Habs. Perhaps the pressure and heavy expectations got to him? Perhaps the season before was a fluke? Either way, it was dissapointing for Montreal fans.

    The real question will be whether Jose can regain his All-Star form and play that way on a consistent basis. This guy has the talent to be a world classs goalie, can he show that all year long? Now that the contract squabbles are negotiated, maybe he can begin focusing on just that. A 1 year deal may have left some doubt on his desire and intentions to play, but he has nothing but hockey to focus on for the next 3 seasons.

    Whatever your personal opinion of him is, and there are many – The bottom line is with Jose in nets, the Canadiens chances of success increase. An improved team, with a goalie who can win games on his own, is a team that can go a long way come playoff time.