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  • Jeremy Roenick suffers pre-season Concussion

    The L.A Kings were dealt a blow when Jeremy Roenick suffered another concussion in a pre-season game vs the Phoenix Coyotes.

    Jeremy Roenick is very vocal player, maybe the loudest mouth in the NHL. Some people love him some people hate him.

    Roenick has now stated how the game “isn’t as good as it once was” and that “There is no respect for people in this league”. Is he right or is he just being a baby who can dish out whatever he feels like saying or doing (the water bottle throwing incident comes to mind) but not take it?

    Maybe he has a point being it was a pre-season game, but this is hockey after all is it not? If he wants to be the most recognized and known face in the game he should be aware of it at all times. Pre-season included.

  • Expected Cuts

    Today the Montreal Canadiens cut 6 players:

    Goalies: Carey Price, Olivier Michaud

    Defensemen: André Benoit, Jonathan Aitken

    Forwards: Kyle Chipchura, Michael Lambert

    No real surprises here. The real important cuts are the last to be made. Hossa, Plekanec, Higgins, Hainsey, Komisarek and Streit all hope to avoid the axe and get a chance to start.