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  • Crosby Under Contract in Pittsburgh

    Sidney Crosby is officially a Penguin.

    Crosby signed with the Penguins today, under the new CBA Crosby is limited to only $ 850,000 USD and $850,000 USD in rookie bonuses.

    Will he be able to cash in on those bonuses?

    • 20 goals and 35 assists: Questionable in a rookie year, but very possible with his skill and considering his linemates.
    • Rookie All Star Team: This is a cinch.
    • Top 3 in Rookie Plus/Minus: Maybe harder than it seems with a crop of talented rookies entering the league this year.
    • Crosby’s already earning $6 Million from Reebok, so don’t feel too bad for his thin wallet.

      Now will he live up to the hype, or is he another Alexandre Daigle?
      I think not.

  • Eastern Conference Predictions

    The new and improved NHL is set to kick off it’s new season in less than a month. At no point in the history of the NHL have we seen so many major changes happen at one time. Rule changes, economic changes, as well as major player changes were rampant as everyone tries to establish themselves under the new system. Divisional battles are highlighted this year as each team will face their divisional rivals 8 times. This will have major consequences on playoff drives.

    No one really knows what to expect this season, who will be succesful and who won’t? Former powerhouse teams are now on the same playing field with smaller market teams. The only certain thing is uncertainty.

    At Habs Blog, we try our best to see where the chips will fall this season in our pre-season Eastern Conference Prediction.


    Flyers x Philadelphia
    Senators x Ottawa
    Lightning x Tampa Bay
    Devils New Jersey
    Canadiens Montreal
    Bruins  Boston
    Penguins Pittsburgh
    Thrashers Atlanta


    Maple Leafs Toronto
    Panthers Florida
    Islanders New York Islanders
    Rangers New York Rangers
    Hurricanes Carolina
    Sabres Buffalo
    Capitals Washington


    1. Ottawa
    2. Montreal
    3. Boston
    4. Toronto
    5. Buffalo


    1. Philadelphia
    2. New Jersey
    3. Pittsburgh
    4. NY Islanders
    5. NY Rangers


    1. Tampa Bay
    2. Atlanta
    3. Florida
    4. Carolina
    5. Washington

    A strong Northeast division and the Atlantic veterans leave the state of New York and their fans crying until next year.

    Tampa has a cup hangover but manages to take the Southeast anyway due to its weak opposition.

    Atlanta’s defence slightly improves under Bob Hartley and their ability to win consistently against weak Southeast rivals is enough to barely squeek into the post season for the first time.

    Pittsburgh’s offensive core is enough to offset the lacking defensive skill and ability in goal, Crosby enters the playoffs in his rookie year.

    Toronto’s elderly core can’t compete with the potent Northeast rivals and find themselves on the outside looking in.

    Until April 06′.

    Disagree? Post your own predictions in the comment section.