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  • Isles visit Habs

    The Canadiens receive their first home visit from the 4-3 New York Islanders tonight.

    The so called controversy in nets continues, Jose Theodore is expected to start but I wouldn’t be shocked if Yan Danis got another chance. Only in Montreal, will starting 5-2 produce dissatisfied angry fans. If we were 7-0 and Theo had 7 shutouts they would still find something to complain about. Theo’s play has certainly not been stellar but 3 games over .500 ain’t that bad.

    Speaking of Jose, he just purchased a Loge at the Bell Centre for 3 years which he uses to let sick and under priviledged kids see hockey games. Cut the guy some slack.

    Mathieu Dandenault is expected to be juggled around again, starting on forward. Can he play forward? Apparently he can, but the one game he did so far he looked like he was wandering around aimlessly. I don’t think I’m the only hab fan who expects some more of this guy. On defense or on offense, we need him to step up. The Adjustment period is just about up Matt.

  • The Canadiens Goal Song

    So we’ve played several pre-season games, and 3 season games at home and still no one at the Bell Centre realizes the gross injustice going on.

    Playing U2 Vertigo after the Canadiens score is a lame, mainstream jock-rock choice. It has nothing to do with hockey, scoring goals or bringing a crowd together.

    What happend to the old goal song? The most original song in the league. Who told you to change it? Did thousands of fans high fiving and rocking out lead you to believe it was unsatisfactory?

    When the Canadiens score this year, I don’t know whether to get up and cheer or drive a nail into my ear drum.

    What do you think? Let them know here:

    Bring back The Canadiens Goal song.BRING BACK THE GOAL SONG