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  • Habs drop 3rd straight

    The Ottawa Senators did what everyone expected and beat the withered Canadiens roster 4-0 in Ottawa. Thus completing a 3 game road trip where the Canadiens picked up 1 out of a possible 6 points or 12 points if you consider that these are all divisional rivals and their 2pts are worth that much more.

    Theodore? Allo? No you didn’t play like you need to, you didn’t give the team a slight chance. You fell on your ass when you saw a Senator coming towards you on a breakaway. After a couple other questionable goals. What was that all about? Be scored on okay, don’t FALL on your own for no apparent reason. Insult to injury. Embarassing for a fan.

    Speaking of injury, Martin Havlat is out with a dislocated shoulder courtesy of Michael Ryder. Good for him, maybe he couldn’t get his kicking foot up in time.

    Overall the Canadiens were lifeless and ugly. This was the first time they have been shut out this season. Feelings of late 90s and early 2000 Habs teams started coming back while watching this game. It’s obvious without Kovalev and without Markov the Canadiens are not the same team. The Canadiens are now 2-5 without Kovalev.

    The Canadiens have the Sabres to deal with again on Thursday before taking in the seldom seen Western Conference teams.

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  • Blue Jackets claim Ron Hainsey

    The Columbus Blue Jackets have claimed ex-hab Ron Hainsey on waivers. What this means is the Canadiens are now responsible for half his salary, which counts towards Montreal’s cap.

    The Blue Jackets are an awful team defensively and Hainsey will finally get the chance to play. Good for him, bad for the Habs tonight. After tonight? Who knows? Maybe he’ll be a future star? Ron Hainsey had many chances with the Canadiens and he never performed up to par. The Canadiens will miss having a body tonight but I think Montreal is more concerned with the salary obligation than with losing another mediocre defenseman.

    It seems there was a lot of waiver action in the NHL today. I’d like to refer to this August 10th post about Thibault when I said he wouldn’t last until Christmas. Well, he’s been put on waivers today.

    Kristian Huselius, a talented young kid has also been put on waivers. I’m not sure what his contract status is but he should be picked up fast by someone if his contract isn’t outrageous.