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  • Biron Steals the Show

    Martin Biron and the Buffalo Sabres took the first game of the Canadiens road trip 3-1.

    Biron specifically won the game for the Sabres turning aside 40 shots. The Habs could not buy a goal against him until a powerplay marker in the 3rd. The Sabres took advantage of the few chances they had and put them away. When the Canadiens had a late powerplay chance they over did it, pass , pass, pass, lost puck, pass , pass, pass. When they finally decided to shoot Markov ripped one off the cross bar. Did they get another chance? No, too little to late. If half those passes were shots maybe we’d have 2 pts on the way to Toronto.

    Ever notice the reason Michael Ryder scores and usually leads the Habs in goals? HE SHOOTS. Shots on net are never a bad play, shots on net = goals.
    There’s a reason good goal scorers in the league score goals, because they shoot so often. Shoot 100 times and your bound to score a few, shoot 1 time not so likely.

    Here’s hoping we pepper Ed Belfour with 50 shots.

  • Divisional Battles

    Tonight the Canadiens are in Buffalo to take on the Sabres, the first of 3 consecutive divisional road games that will see them face the Leafs Saturday and the Senators Tuesday.

    Crucial games for the Habs where they will need strong performances. If the Canadiens can maintain the road success they have had early on (6-1-2) they will be in good shape. The Habs have had success in Buffalo, the victory against the Leafs was in Toronto, and the Senators took overtime to beat the Habs in Ottawa.

    This will be a good metric to see where the Canadiens really stand in their division and a chance to get back on top of the Sens.