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  • Canadiens blow it in Overtime

    When it rains it pours.

    The Canadiens drop another divisional game to the Sabres 3-2, this time in overtime after leading 2-0. What else can you say? The Habs jumped out to a lead and for the first half of the game were skating well, skating with purpose. They appeared to be a little upset with their current losing streak and it showed.

    Fast forward, unlucky deflection, failing to score on a 5-3, dumb penalty, shoddy goaltending, the formula repeats itself and so does the result: Loss.

    What needs to change? It’s obvious the Canadiens can’t compete without their full team dressed. We don’t have a guy who can come in and step up, at least not yet. Time’s like this call for your 4.5 Million dollar goaltender to carry the team, unfortunately he seems unable to do so.

    That being said, it IS still fairly early in the season. Trade rumors are circulating more and more with each loss but that’s just Montreal. I wouldn’t expect a trade anytime soon.

    The Canadiens confidence has to be dwindling more and more while we wait to get our real team back on the ice.

  • Bruins trade Joe Thornton to San Jose

    I’m still trying to figure this one out. The Boston Bruins trade Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for Brad Stuart, Wayne Primeau and Marco Sturm.


    Thornton seemed stunned and dissapointed, he did just sign a 3 year contract in Boston. Thornton must have not lived up to the expectations of the Bruins head office. He lead a very mediocre team, not only in points but by example. I am a huge fan of the Bruins and Habs rivalry and Joe Thornton was one of the main reasons it was fun to watch over the past few years. Who wins this trade? I agree with almost everyone that San Jose has just found their franchise player. Brad Stuart may be a decent defensemen, but all 3 Sharks don’t equal 1 Joe Thornton and that’s all you can think about with this trade.

    For the Habs it seems to be good news, one of the NHL’s best power forwards just got on a long flight to take him very far away from the Northeast division.

    That Northeast Division is heating up, the Canadiens and Sabres meet tonight and the Sabres have climbed within 1 point of Les Habitants. If the Canadiens can’t swing things around they’re in danger of sliding below both Buffalo and Toronto.

    The Canadiens roster is still fractured. It may be Claude Julien’s toughest job so far to somehow get this team motivated and on track while the team gets well.

    Our sympathies go to Mike Komisarek who’s Mother passed away from Cancer this week.