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  • Sheldon Souray speaks

    Sheldon Souray finally cleared the air today regarding all the allegations and rumors surrounding his personal life.

    He did an interview with the Montrel Gazette which featured a picture of him and his 2 yr old daughter Valentina and spoke about the details of his divorce and problematic personal life. It seems clearing the air was a huge weight off his shoulders and now he can do what we need him to do and what he is paid to do: play hockey.

    I got the impression that he is putting those things behind him and getting back his focus. Souray was noticeable in the last game vs the Coyotes and you couldn’t say that about him during any game this season. If it’s a sign of what is to come then our blueline and powerplay will be considerably improved and that’s all good news for the Canadiens.

    The Canadiens begin a short road stint tonight in Edmonton where they take on the Oilers for the first time since the Heritage Classic. It will be the team’s first Western road trip thus far.

    Alex Kovalev did not make the trip, Doctor’s orders. They want him to build a little more strength in his knee before returning and risking re-injury which makes perfect sense. Kovalev will return to the lineup just in time to take on the Senators next Tuesday having missed 13 games total at that point.

    It’s been confirmed: Michel Therrien has been officially hired as the new Head Coach of the Penguins. It will be interesting to see if he can turn around an underachieving team.

    Not a very Merry Christmas for Ed Olczyk, a pink slip and kick out the door. Ho ho ho!


  • Ed Olczyk on his way out?

    Speculation around the league is the Pittsburgh Penguins Head Coach Ed Olcyzk is on his way out very soon.

    I predicted this back in September before the season even started.

    Pittsburgh got Sidney Crosby and a boatload of talented free agents before the season started and they are still a brutal team and nowhere near a playoff birth. The blame has to go to someone and that someone is Ed Olcyzk.

    The related twist, the replacement coach seems to be non other than ex-Habs bench boss Michel Therrien. Therrien coaches the minor league affiliate and has been on a mission to get back to the NHL level.

    The Penguins definitely need to shake something up before the team loses all morale and gives up.

    As I said in September: “don’t be too surprised if the Penguins don’t burst out of the gate or aren’t cup bound by December, to see a coaching change.”

    Looks like my timing is dead on.