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  • Kovalev to return this week

    RDS is reporting that badly missed sniper Alex Kovalev is set to make a return from knee surgery Thursday or Saturday of this week. Kovalev is known to be a quick healer but this seems very early. Should Kovalev start Thursday he will have missed only 11 games after being cut open and scoped.

    This is great news for the Canadiens as long as he is 100% and doesn’t risk further injury.

  • Team Canada 1 and 2

    After a dismal and dissapointing display by the Habs over the weekend I prefer to focus on something else. Saturday’s game was painful to watch. A full week off and the Canadiens forgot how to play hockey. It’s becoming increasing evident that Koivu and Kovalev are part of the real core of the team and without them it is an altogether different squad.

    In the 10 games Kovalev has missed the Canadiens have 3 wins and .300 winning percentage. That just won’t cut it in the Eastern Conference. I should have started a Koivu count but did not expect him to miss as many games as he has.

    The early winning streak this season has given us all hope and put expectations in our head, however it seems until we get our full team on the ice we can’t expect to win on a regular basis. The Canadiens take on the Coyotes tommorow and they are going to need some wins before a very tough January schedule.

    In other news, Mario Lemieux dropped out from the Olympics as predicted and vouched for youngster Sidney Crosby saying he deserves to be on the team. Despite the Montreal Canadiens struggles, it’s an exciting time of the year for CANADIAN hockey.

    The Olympic roster will be selected shortly and the World Junior training camp is underway in Vancouver. A few hopeful Canadiens prospects hope to make the team and battle it out over the Holiday Break.