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  • Huet hung out to dry

    The Canadiens didn’t show up to play in Colorado but they almost squeaked by with a point or 2 thanks to Cristobal Huet. The Habs goalie did everything he possibly could to keep the Canadiens 1-0 lead facing over 37 shots from a potent Avalanche offense. For much of the game it looked like the Canadiens would ‘get by’ with a very lucky 1-0 win because of Huet. Enter Radek Bonk. What can you say about Bonk? I don’t think anyone would argue he has done anything good for this team and it’s become increasingly hard to care at all that he is a Hab. Bonk saucered out a weak, poorly timed, poorly planned pass that was intercepted and a few seconds later it was in the net. Bonk has been guilty of this EXACT same error in the past giving it up to the Leafs and giving them a goal. If you ran the tape next to each other, it’d be identical.

    The Canadiens just don’t get it done. Instead of being down 2 or 3 nothing in the first like they probably would have been had Jose Theodore been in net, they get game saving play from their goaltender. Only then to go and make Novice mistakes like sending the puck up the middle. It’s a team game and one guy or one play won’t win the game. It won’t get any easier this month and it looks more and more like we’ll be sitting on the outside looking in after the long road stint ahead.

    Sheldon Souray left midway through the game with a knee injury. Probably from the knee to knee collision with Dan Hinote in the first period. Souray played a few more shifts after that but disappeared and didn’t return. It’s too early to say how serious it is, with the Habs luck he’ll be out for at least a few games.

    Next up, Joe Thornton and the Sharks.

  • Pierre Dagenais Demoted

    The Habs sent Pierre Dagenais down to Hamilton after scratching him for the past few games. The forward had to clear waivers before, which he did. That shows how much trade value he actually had. Dagenais was probably part of a deal in progress or a deal that fell through and now he’s been relegated to Hamilton. The whole waivers thing means that he probably won’t be back in the NHL considering the Habs would risk being responsible for part of his salary if another team claimed him.

    The funny thing about it is Dagenais best games were the last he was in. That being said Dagenais best game is still 1/10th of what we need. Dagenais really can’t skate and his only real use is his hard shot and his surprising shoot out skills. His physical presence is imposing but he never used it or played that role. Claude Julien said the team was ‘ moving in a new direction’. You can’t help feel a little bad for Pierre but this is professional hockey and that’s the life in the NHL.

    Cristobal Huet will start tonight in Colorado. All eyes will be on him and tommorow morning his stock will either be through the roof or they’ll be calling for his neck depending on his play. Hopefully he’ll play a strong game and at least put a little pressure on Jose Theodore and hopefully make him more concious when he gets back between the pipes. If he does.
    Huet hasn’t played in the NHL in a long time until his few starts this year and he seems to be gaining confidence and getting better each start. 7/10 visitors to this site agree with the decision to start him.

    Out of the next 10 games, this may be the 2nd best chance for a win. David Abeischer is hot and keep an eye on rookie sensation Marek Svatos who is getting a lot of recognition.

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