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  • January: Do or Die

    The Montreal Canadiens are about to complete the first half of the season with 19 wins and a winning percentage of .475.

    After starting the season very strongly the Habs have now played themselves out of a playoff spot and currently sit 10th in the East although they hold 3 games in hand. Regardless of why it happend, the Canadiens are going to have to figure a way to turn it around or they risk staying in the bottom 8 and missing the playoffs and dissapointing themselves and thousands of fans.

    It’s not going to be easy.

    If you look at the Canadiens next 10 games you get a clear picture of what they’re facing.

    Team Winning Percentage Points
    Colorado .545 51
    San Jose .461 41
    Dallas .666 58
    Calgary .595 55
    Vancouver .547 51
    Carolina .658 59
    Philadelphia .642 60
    Ottawa .700 59
    Toronto .571 51
    Carolina .658 59

    9 out of the next 10 teams the Canadiens face have over a .500 winning percentage, 7 of the next 10 games will be on the road. 5 of the games are against Division leaders. Only one team has less points than Montreal.

    Logic says the Canadiens will be very lucky if they make it through January with a .500 winning percentage. 10 points would still only give us 54 which is less than certain Northeast rivals currently have. The recent slump may be even more costly than we thought. The Habs failed to put up points against teams like the Panthers, Thrashers, Devils, Capitals and Penguins. Now they have the task of beating the best teams in the league just to stay afloat. And do it on the road. This gives more credence to the everpresent trade rumors. Something’s gotta happen for the Canadiens to make it. A trade, a win streak or maybe just a miracle can save us now.

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  • Troubled fan crashes Canadiens practice


    Maybe thats just what the Habs needed. Imagine he scored on Theo :)