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  • Canadiens Trade Rumors

    The rumor train won’t stop, and the only way it’s going to is if the Canadiens make a blockbuster deal or go on a 10 game winning streak. Option A seems the more likely of the 2. I think it’s fair to assume Bob Gainey won’t panic and make a hurried deal or trade out of desperation. If he did, it would have been done by now.

    All kinds of ridiculous rumors are surfacing but the one with the most credence is a possible deal between the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks. Don’t discount the chance of a 3 way deal with another team in the mix. Vancouver has struggled as of late, and their problem has always been goaltending. They have put good teams on the ice in recent years but their goaltending has never got them where they need to be. It is a strong possibility they could be interested in Theodore. If a deal does go through with the Canucks I’d expect him to be involved. Montreal won’t give up Theo for nothing. Theo’s value is still high and there are plenty of teams in need of a goaltender. If it were to happen with Vancouver, controversial Todd Bertuzzi may be what the Canadiens are after. The Habs have been lacking a big power forward for a long, long time and considering everything that surrounds Todd Bertuzzi, he may be a little easier to steal. It would definitely be a blockbuster deal and shake things up for both conferences. If Theo does go, you can be pretty sure it won’t be in the East and I’d think Vancouver would say the same about Bertuzzi.

    You could speculate all day and night and the fact remains, no one knows for sure what is going on except Bob Gainey and Canadiens management. Only time will tell. In the mean time, the Canadiens are going to take on another team they’re rumored to be involved with, the Colorado Avalanche. The gossip will be flying Wednesday night after the starting lineup is announced.

  • Cristobal Huet Stops Sens

    Cristobal Huet got his first taste of what it’s like being a goaltending hero in Montreal after stopping 41 shots in a victory over the Division leading Sens. The Canadiens came out of the gate flying and put away 4 goals in the first period before Ray Emery was pulled in favor of Dominik Hasek. The Sens fought back but Huet shut the door numerous times and kept them out of it. The Habs have beat Ottawa the last 2 times they have met, the same team that can’t seem to put it together against teams like Florida and New Jersey.

    A little goaltending goes a long way. Julien made a good move in starting Huet and shifting around the lines. The more Huet gets to play and gets comfortable the better he will be. The win yesterday built some confidence in him and the team, expect Huet to continue to start games until he lets in a bad goal and gets a taste of the other side of crazed Montreal fans. It’s great to put a little pressure in Theodore and hopefully he will raise his game as well, or he may find himself on the bench for longer then anticipated.

    Wednesday’s game against the Avalanche should be interesting as they are one of the teams heavily rumored to be in trade talks with the Habs.

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