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  • Sheldon Souray’s Wrist Brace of Terror

    The Montreal Canadiens fell 3-2 to the Calgary Flames in the first game of their long road trip.

    The Canadiens came out strong and took the lead with a powerplay goal. The Canadiens powerplay is on fire lately which for whatever reason is not a common thing for the Habs.

    Without a doubt the turning point of the game came when Sheldon Souray and Darren McCarty dropped the gloves and engaged in fisticuffs. Right off the bat it was a clean start with both players shedding the gloves and dancing around a few seconds before getting in there. As unbiased as I can be, Sheldon Souray destroyed McCarty and specifically one left connected right above his eye and busted him open spilling blood everywhere. The fight went on and to his credit, McCarty got in a couple before it was over but he was clearly a bloody mess and Souray’s helmet and jersey were spattered with Flames blood. Souray then shared a few words face to face with McCarty as they were seperating – I’m extremely curious to know what he said.

    sheldon souray fight

    What a great boost right? The team will surely be pumped after Souray’s show. Wrong.

    Sheldon Souray was then assesed a 5 minute match penalty and kicked out of the game. Why? Instigating? “Pulling hair” ? The fight was clean and a mutual engagement. It was baffling to say the least and also meant the Habs defence already without Andrei Markov, now dropped another important player.

    “Initially, it was thought Souray was assessed the match penalty because during the fight his elbow made contact with McCarty’s face and there was one point, briefly, where it looked as though Souray’s fingers may have gone into McCarty’s eye.

    But, in fact, the match was assessed automatically when the officials noted Souray’s wrist brace, which he wears for his surgically-repaired wrist. When a player is cut, like McCarty was, and the officials note the presence of any foreign material in the hand area, the match penalty is automatically assessed.”

    I’ve never seen this penalty called before. I guess by the book it has to be called but give me a break, Souray’s wrist brace? That’s what inflicted the damage to McCarty? That warrants a 5 minute penalty and expulsion? I guess Sheldon won’t be dropping the gloves anymore, or maybe he’ll just have to refrain from turning the other guys face into pulp.

    Needless to say, the Canadiens took another penalty and then gave up a goal down 5-3. Despite a late goal by Kovalev they couldn’t come back even with Radek Bonk pulling some moves out of nowhere and streaking in on Kiprusoff.

    Souray will be in the lineup Saturday against Vancouver.

  • Test 1: Canadiens and Flames

    The Montreal Canadiens toughest challenge begins tonight in Calgary vs the Northwest Division leading Flames.

    After succesful results against the San Jose Sharks and the Dallas Stars at home the Canadiens now embark on a road trip that would be difficult for any team in the league. Considering the Canadiens struggles on the road and the fact their best player is out with a torn rotator cuff makes the challenge even greater.

    Calgary is 16-4-2 when playing at the Saddledome. To their credit, the Habs are 2-0 in their last 2 games and have scored 10 goals against Western Conference teams. Can they match that effort and due it on the road in the fiery Saddledome?

    Jan Bulis, Radek Bonk and Mike Ribeiro look to continue their strong performances.

    The time is now for players to step up. Richard Zednik is not finding the net like he needs to and has anyone noticed Alex Kovalev’s floating around recently? His goal against Dallas was great but the frequency in which he scores has to go up. If he played with that determination every shift he’d be unstoppable. Unfortunately he’s resembling the guy who got slashed, put his head down and quit playing then skating into Sheldon Souray giving Boston a breakaway and game winning goal in the 2004 playoffs.

    If there’s a time for Jose Theodore to silence his critics and earn his $4.5 Million then it’s tonight. The fate of the Habs may depend on this road trip and it’s time for the big names to prove themselves.

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