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  • Huet Back to Back Shutouts

    The Canadiens won their second straight game against the injury riddled Philadelphia Flyers. They did it in dramatic fashion with Michael Ryder netting his first career hat-trick and with Cristobal Huet putting up a 2nd straight shut out.

    Yes that is dramatic for the Canadiens. 5 goals, a shut out! Oh holy day. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

    Everyone in the world is aware of Theodore’s problems right now and here’s another little stat that illustrates it pretty well.

    Goalie Shutouts  
    Cristobal Huet 2
    Yann Danis 1
    Jose Theodore 0 $$$$$$$$$

    $4.5 Million USD buys 0 shut outs through 38 games. It does buy a 3.46 GAA however. Enough about Theo he’s old news.

    Cristobal Huet keeps shining when given the chance. At this point you have to ride him as far as he takes you. I’d expect him to start until he loses and he won’t sit on the bench for long if Theo doesn’t turn it around immediately. The Canadiens are right in the playoff race which is getting a little more heated with the Islanders and even the Panthers getting closer. A well-timed winning streak could really change the picture. Hopefully it’ll be the Habs with that streak.

    Michael Ryder broke his mini-slump which is great news. The only consistent goal scorer on the Habs is firing again, maybe Theodore should ask him how he did it.

    The Sabres are a huge surprise this year and playing extremely well. If the Canadiens can steal some points off them it’ll be great for the team’s confidence.

  • Super Sunday

    Superbowl Sunday and the Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers as the pre-game show. What a fine tradition. The beer consumption should start earlier than normal and the hangover could start at anytime as the Canadiens who are desperate for points take on a powerful Flyer team. 2 goals probably won’t cut it against the Flyers and the Habs are gonna have to bring a stronger game to the table.

    The good news is the Flyers have struggled as of late. They also played less than 24 hours ago in a loss to the Rangers. The Habs have also somehow gone 2-0 against the Flyers this year.

    Cristobal Huet did a fantastic job in getting the Habs 2 points over the Bruins yesterday. Can you see his confidence rising? When he first arrived in Montreal as a backup, he returned from being injured and having undergone surgery. He had not competed at the NHL level in some time. A new goalie on a new team backing up a Hart and Vezina winner. It may have been a lot for him to walk into but he has handled it extremely well. After the game yesterday he spoke with confidence saying he had ‘found his rhythm’. You could tell he thinks he can be the starter. The way he spoke was almost a challenge to Bob Gainey. Theodore’s atrocious play has given him a chance to prove himself and he has done so maybe even more than he thought he could. I think Cristobal liked the feeling of being named first star in front of 21 thousand screaming fans. Who wouldn’t? He has found his confidence and his game is backing the whole team right now.

    Huet starts today and gets another chance to solidify his spot. Another strong game from him and the return of Markov at least gives the Canadiens a fighting chance.

    Oh ya, Seattle 28-17. Call Jose to get your bets in quick.