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  • Canadiens Dissapoint Again

    The Canadiens blew another lead and dropped another game 3-1 to the Boston Bruins.

    The game rightfully should have been 4 or even 5-1 so it wasn’t even as close as it seemed. The Habs were out of it after 1 period and as usual were brutally out shot. How they expect to win with constantly shooting 50% less then the opposition is beyond me.

    Brad Boyes scored a goal that 100% should have counted but for some reason was not reviewed and not counted. Another questionable goal was denied due to a high stick but was very borderline and could have went either way. The Canadiens weren’t even in the game. As usual.

    Sheldon Souray got absolutely undressed by Patrice Bergeron which directly lead to a Boston goal. At this point of the season he’s been undressed more times than Patrick Roy’s wife by Mathieu Schneider.

    sheldon souray

    I’m a Sheldon Souray fan but come on. There could be a highlight reel of just players walking around him. It’s pretty clear that the Canadiens without Andrei Markov in the lineup and playing 25-30 minutes a game are hopeless. Don’t count on any wins until he returns which is still undetermined at this point.

    Huet stopped a penalty shot early in the game and he played solid like he usually does. He deserves to start again. With back to back games this weekend it’s doubtful he’ll get both starts. The game with Boston is of greater importance and they should stick with him.

    If the Canadiens can make it to the Olympic break still in contention they may have a chance but that chance is dwindling with each pathetic effort put forth.

  • NHL Playoff Race
    The Canadiens are in Beantown tonight amid a log jam of teams for the final playoff spots. The Bruins are included in that log jam and the Canadiens are in a position to put some space between them in a good or bad way with back to back games tonight and Saturday.

    Technically the Canadiens are in the favorable spot holding games in hand on each team surrounding them but games in hand are only good if they are converted to wins. The best possible outcome is the Canadiens take a 4 point lead on the Bruins and maintain a 2 game cushion. Lose both games to Boston and their 2 games in hand would only tie them back up if they managed to win. This doesn’t take in to account what Atlanta, Toronto and New Jersey do.

    At this point it looks as if New Jersey is going to pull away and take 7th spot or maybe higher. Martin Brodeur has found his game, signed a new contract for a ridiculous amount of money and was named defensive player of the month. Great news for the Olympics, not great news for teams trying to catch the Devils.

    It should go down to the wire between Atlanta, Toronto, Boston and Les Habitants all trying to fit into 1 spot. With 4 teams so close, the margin for error is non existant. Screw up a couple games and there’s 3 other teams waiting to pass you. This is the situation the Canadiens find themselves in after blowing their early season success and they are lucky to still be in the hunt.

    The Canadiens still have 6 games to play against Boston. The loser of that series will have no chance to finish 8th. The Canadiens and Leafs will also meet 3 more times. The Habs have to wake up and do it now while they still have a chance.

    Cristobal Huet will get the start tonight. If he puts in a strong game he should continue to start as the #1 until the Olympics.