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  • Jose Theodore Fails Drug Test

    RDS reports Jose Theodore failed a doping test conducted by the Olympic comittee.

    Detials will follow.

  • Rick Tocchet Gambling Scandal

    I was hesitant to write about this since it’s not related to the Montreal Canadiens (at least not yet) and it casts a fairly negative shadow on the game. Not to mention it’s being covered by every possible media outlet and hockey blogger.

    That being said it is obviously important to hockey and I am curious to hear everyone’s opinions.

    Rick Tocchet being involved in an illegal gambling ring for some reason doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know why. Looking at him, listening to his reaction while being interviewed – it just seems totally plausible. What Rick Tocchet does or doesn’t do, who cares? If he’s a criminal I don’t think it’s going to affect the day to day lives of people or most hockey fans. At least not for very long. Criminals go to jail evereyday. Rick Tocchet is forgettable.

    The troubling thing for me in this whole fiasco is the alleged involvement of Wayne Gretzky’s wife Janet Jones, and what it brings to him and the game of hockey. Rick Tocchet for all intents and purposes is a loser, a decent hockey player in his time and now an NHL level coach. Big deal, there’s tons of people who fit into that category. There’s only one Wayne Gretzky.

    If this solely involved Rick Tocchet, it would be in the news for a while and not long after forgotten. If you attack the integrity of Wayne Gretzky you’re attacking the game of hockey itself. The details are uncertain and speculation is growing about if Wayne is involved and how deeply.

    The latest news indicates Gretzky at least knew of the operation as there are apparent phone taps of him discussing it with Tocchet. I don’t think Gretzky would be involved in any of this as far as gambling and participating in it. My hunch is Gretzky found out through his wife and approached Tocchet about it.

    I highly doubt Wayne Gretzky used his wife to place illegal gambling wagers for him. Janet Jones’ own involvement will surface in the coming weeks and my belief is it will clear Gretzky. The fact she would be so stupid to involve the Gretzky name in illegal sports betting is a repulsive offense.

    At this point everything is total speculation and hearsay. I am interested in your own opinions but won’t post more about this until the facts are clear.