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  • Cristobal Huet says Who needs Theo?

    Cristobal Huet named NHL Defensive player of the week.

    Chris Higgins was runner up for offensive player of the week as well.
    Can you tell things are really going well?

    No Canadien has had either of those honors given to them since Richard Zednik in March 2004.

    The Canadiens roll into Philly tonight with maybe the highest confidence they’ve had all season. The Flyers continue to slump hard. Things have seemingly changed since the 1990s when the Flyers dominated the Habs. The Habs are undefeated against the Flyers this year. Either the Flyers show up and make a game of it, if not it may end up ugly.

  • Montreal Canadiens at the Trade Deadline

    Will the Montreal Canadiens be among the many teams involved in transactions before the NHL Trade deadline?

    Are the Canadiens good enough to make the playoffs with the current team? Probably. Will they go anywhere once they’re in? Not likely. Can their chances be improved with a well executed, well timed trade. Of course.

    What do the Canadiens really need? They need some size and skill up front and a reliable solid blue liner. If the Canadiens do make a deal, it will most likely be if they can find a player that fits one of those roles for a bargain price. I say bargain deal because I don’t think the Canadiens are going to be giving up any of their core or rookie talent at the moment and it’ll have to be a team who really wants to unload someone.

    I’d define the untouchable core as: Sheldon Souray, Andrei Markov, Craig Rivet, Saku Koivu, Michael Ryder.

    That being said, if the Canadiens want a big name player they’ll have to give up something of value. Most speculation surrounds Sheldon Souray and the underachieving Richard Zednik and Mike Ribeiro. I believe Souray is here to stay. Zednik and Ribeiro however might be on the block. Well they’re almost certainly already on the block but it means nothing unless there is any reasonable interest in them.

    A player that’s potentially in the mix, Jan Bulis. Playing well enough that teams could be interested him and maybe one of the Canadiens ‘value’ players they’d regrettably but willingly give up to improve the team.

    Will you be upset if the Canadiens don’t deal someone? It’d be nice to see a big name or some new talent in the lineup but at what price? Which rumored player do you most want to see on the Habs?