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  • Todd Bertuzzi as a Montreal Canadien

    The Trade that almost happened.

    Todd Bertuzzi had been the subject of trade rumors since the beginning of the season. As the trade deadline drew near, the Canadiens were rumored to be one of the teams interested in his services. The Canadiens lack a big, strong power forward type of player and Bertuzzi is that kind of player. Considering his past and Vancouver’s desperation at several positions, Bertuzzi might have come at a bargain price.

    Bertuzzi didn’t get traded but he was about as close as you can get. The Canadiens apparently made them an offer but it wasn’t attractive enough to send Bertuzzi over. The trade was to be announced the same time the Theodore news broke. Theodore gone, Bertuzzi in. A little better headline than Theodore gone, Aebischer a Hab.

    Canucks GM Dave Nonis admitted their were several offers for Bertuzzi but none that he felt were strong enough. Gainey said something like “the deal for that type of player wasn’t there.”

    The trade was to send underachieving forward Richard Zednik and an unnamed defenceman. Vancouver didn’t take it and you can’t really blame them. The unamed defenceman? Bob Gainey pre-acquired depth defenceman Todd Simpson to replace whomever it was that was to be dealt. If Vancouver took the deal before the last minute, Gainey and the Habs would have their replacement. It didn’t happen and no one knows when Todd Simpson will actually play.

    You have to wonder what defenceman was on the block? Someone of value but not a core player. Mike Komisarek comes to mind.

    Bertuzzi as a Canadien. That would definitely change the composition of the team up front. Would Bertuzzi be able to play here? Would Hab fans welcome him?

    Say what you will about Bertuzzi but if he could take Richard Zednik’s spot on the roster I think most fans would welcome the change. For now we will never know, but the new financial space the Canadiens have to work with might make it an interesting off season for the Habs.

  • David Aebischer in Montreal

    The Habs are at home tonight to take on the visiting New York Rangers. David Aebischer whether he plays or not, will be wearing the Bleu Blanc et Rouge for the first time in his career.

    Who will start? Bob Gainey has said there is “No #1 goalie” and the way Cristobal Huet is playing it’d probably be wise to stick with the hot hand. Gainey may also want to wait for a road game before starting Aebischer as a fickle Canadiens crowd could tear him apart and get inside his head if he happens to have a bad game at home. That combined with the fact that he said he’s “tired” and hasn’t slept much leads us to believe Cristo will be in between the pipes tonight.

    The Rangers are leading their Division and the Jaromir Jagr factor alone should make it a challenging game. The Rangers and Jagr are fantastic surprises this year. Jagr leads the league with 92 points and 43 goals and looks almost a lock to take the scoring championship for I believe the 6th time.

    Jagr usually does well in Montreal too, but I guess when you score that much there aren’t many arenas you don’t play well in.

    The Senators did the Canadiens a favor by handing the Thrashers their first loss in 5 games. Let’s hope that streak continues, the Thrashers are only 3 points behind the Canadiens.

    Toronto will take on Tampa Bay tonight in an interesting game. Who do you cheer for? The Canadiens are trying to catch the Lightning and the Leafs aren’t quite out of it yet and are trying to get back into the pack of potential playoff teams. I’d wager the Leafs still won’t have enough to make it so they have permission to steal 2 pts off Tampa tonight and help the Canadiens reach 7th spot.