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  • Improving the Canadiens

    What players and positions need to be filled on the Canadiens to make them a real legitimate contender?

    Here’s a list of what I’d call ‘expendable’ players that could be let go to make improvements to the team.

    • Richard Zednik
    • Jan Bulis
    • Niklas Sundstrom
    • Mike Ribeiro
    • Todd Simpson
    • Mark Streit
    • David Aebischer


    Does anyone even want these players? Time will tell. If they do go, it’s important to get something in return that will fill in the gaps for the Canadiens.
    Don’t trade an underachieving forward for another under achieving forward. Don’t trade a slow footed 1 dimensional defenceman for another 1 dimensional defenceman.

    I’d venture a guess that 5 of those aformentioned players will not be wearing a Canadiens jersey come next season.