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  • Former Montreal Canadiens
    Ex-Habs 2005-2006
    jose theodore
    pierre dagenais
    claude julien

    The 2005/2006 Montreal Canadiens have seen a lot of changes since the first game of their season.

    Most notable the trading of one time hero goaltender Jose Theodore and the firing of Head Coach Claude Julien.

    Other Canadiens like Pierre Dagenais got a permanent ticket away from the club and NHL.

    Months after, do you agree with these moves? More importantly what other pictures will soon be added to the above?

    With new management, new funds, and possibly the most open NHL market ever seen some current Canadiens will surely not be around come training camp.

    Who stays? Who goes?

    I’ll take a stab at the first player not returning next year.

    mike ribeiro



  • Montreal Canadiens Party

    So the Canadiens season might be over but it looks like the fun in the Montreal sun is just beginning.

    Can you spot all the Habs?

    Montreal Canadiens Party

    Montreal Canadiens Party

    How about a certain ladies man General Manager?
    Montreal Canadiens Party

    Don’t forget last year’s Canadiens Halloween Party .

    Plenty of off season fun to assure a healthy start next year.