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  • Sergei Samsonov signs with Montreal

    Bob Gainey saved the best for last on the most eventful swapping and signing day in Canadiens recent history.

    Gainey signed speedster Sergei Samsonov to a 2 year deal. Financial terms haven’t been disclosed yet.

    Gainey had been heavily criticized after not signing any rumored big names when the free agent market opened for business. After being snubbed by various players not wanting to play in Montreal, Gainey has now secured a ‘name’ player.

    Samsonov is a familiar foe from his years with Boston who posseses incredible speed and skill. In the new NHL those are the ingredients of a potential superstar.

    The Canadiens roster adding another Russian who should fit in well with Kovalev and Markov.

    Maybe Valeri Bure and Oleg Petrov are looking to make a comeback in Montreal.

  • Canadiens Finally Make Moves

    MONTREAL – The Montreal Canadiens announced the acquisition of forward Mike Johnson from the Phoenix Coyotes for the Canadiens’ fourth round draft pick in 2007 as well as the trade of forward Richard Zednik to the Washington Capitals in return for the Capitals’ third round draft pick in 2007.

    Well Richard Zednik’s days as a Hab are finally over. This was somewhat anticipated for quite sometime. His replacement Mike Johnson however was not really on the radar.

    Johnson was not seen much last year playing in the Western Conference but his career statistics indicate maybe the Canadiens got the good end of the deal.

    Johnson has played in 560 NHL games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Coyotes. He recorded 116 goals and added 223 assists for a total of 339 points, with 267 penalty minutes and a plus/minus rating of +32.

    How will he fit in on the team? Will anyone really miss Zednik? The Zednik of old showed flashes of brilliance and was exciting to watch at times. AT TIMES. More recently Zednik was a floater whose patented ‘one hand on the stick’ power move never seemed to amount to anything.

    Is it fair to say Zednik’s career changed completely after receiving a brutal elbow and being knocked out by Kyle Mclaren in the Playoffs?
    He never seemed to be the same player after that and never cut to the middle or drove to the net ever again.

    David Aebischer signed a 1 year deal for $1.9 Million. Another Canadien taking a single year deal. Abeischer will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Will he be a factor in nets this season or will he collect nearly 2 Million to warm the bench before hitting the market freely?

    Not the blockbuster fans were hoping for, but potentially a big change for the Canadiens down the road.