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  • Chris Higgins signs 1 year deal

    The Montreal Canadiens have locked up one of their key young players for next season, as forward Chris Higgins has agreed to a one-year contract with the team.

    Higgins, 23, will earn $673,000 in 2006-07.

    The Habs just locked up one of their future stars and for quite a reasonable price. Higgins scored 23 goals last season (tied with Kovalev) and demonstrated strong 2 way play all season. Another part of the future core is locked up for at least one more season.

  • Mike Ribeiro Signs New Contract

    The Montreal Canadiens have signed controversial Mike Ribeiro to a 1 yr contract.

    70% of Canadiens fans on this site believe Ribeiro should have been traded or tossed aside but the Canadiens management apparently felt he deserved another year.
    Financial terms have not yet been disclosed.

    Ribeiro was in the dog house for much of last year and entertained himself in the press box on several occasions as a healthy scratch. Ribeiro’s numbers were far from impressive but worst was his attitude which has frustrated coaches and management.

    Why keep Ribeiro around? Do the Canadiens think he can turn it around and really perform or is this just a temporary hold until they can deal him?
    Either way the 1 year deal indicates they Habs don’t have much long term confidence in him.

    Michael Ryder has filed for arbitration and the Canadiens just tied up another small piece of the Cap on an underachieving undersized attitude problem.