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  • J.P Dumont headed to the Northeast?

    The latest rumor is on J.P Dumont is that he will be headed to a team in the Northeast Division, but it won’t be the Habs.

    Dumont has not received an offer from the Canadiens but has had serious offers from 3 other Northeastern teams.

    Toronto? Ottawa? Boston? Or does a lighter offer from Buffalo count as a serious one?

    Who will it be?

    If you can’t live in Montreal close to your new baby and family then where would you live? As close as you possibly can in another Northeastern hockey city. It seems plausible.

    Now imagine the french media ranting after Dumont scores an overtime winner for the Senators over the Canadiens.

  • Canadiens open Pre Season in Nova Scotia

    Elsewhere in the Maritimes, the people of Salmon River, N.S., winners of the Canada-wide Kraft Hockeyville contest, will celebrate the grand prize when the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators play a pre-season game in their community on Sept. 25. The game will be played at a larger arena in neighboring Truro, allowing the maximum amount of Salmon River residents to attend the game.

    Any readers attending? The season is just around the corner.