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  • J.P Dumont a Montreal Canadien?

    The Buffalo Sabres released Montreal native J.P Dumont allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent.

    JP Dumont

    Dumont who was awarded $2.9 Million through arbitration has expressed interest in playing in Montreal.

    Will it happen?

    Doubtful. Assuming the Canadiens want to sign Dumont they are dangerously close to the salary cap and don’t have the room without shuffling the deck. Are they willing to do that?

    On the other hand, Dumont is a fairly consistant 20 goal scorer, a forward with size and speed and most importantly a Quebec native which would thrill the French media and fans.

    But at $2.9 Million, Dumont may be a little over priced.

    This is the reality of the salary cap system and the Sabres being punished for their success. After a great season they are forced to choose between who they can afford to sign who they have to let go.

    Where will Dumont end up?

  • Francis Bouillon unfit to start season

    The Canadiens may be missing a couple of key players when their season gets underway in October.

    Francis Bouillon underwent knee surgery and will definitely miss the beginning of the season while news out of Finland indicates that Saku Koivu’s eye is still a problem and preventing him from training on ice.

    Bouillon is a very underated player and an important part of the Habs already questionable defence. Missing a month at the beginning of the season rather than 12 weeks at the end of the year is the smarter decision. But who can step up and fill his ice time and physical presence? Komisarek? Streit?

    The only area the Canadiens didn’t make any significant improvements was on defence and Bouillon’s absence could make for an even rockier start to the season.

    The news of Koivu is not surprising. Eye surgery is a serious thing and no one knows if and when he will come back and if he’ll be 100%. Knowing Koivu he’d have to be completely blind before not wanting to return so expect him to be ready for game 1.