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  • Canadiens announce first 2006 Cuts

    The axe fell for the first time today at the Canadiens 2006 Training Camp.

    15 players are on their way home to their respective teams in the first round of cuts which is usually fairly predicatble.

    Players cut

    • Cédrick Desjardins
    • Michaël Lambert
    • Mathieu Aubin
    • Matt D’Agostini
    • Eric Manlow
    • Duncan Milroy
    • Gregory Stewart
    • Cory Urquhart
    • Jimmy Bonneau
    • Francis Lemieux
    • Jon Gleed
    • Andrew Archer
    • Ben Maxwell
    • Sergei Kostitsyn
    • Mathieu Carle

    No big surprises here.

    Mikhail Grabosvky is still at camp despite dislocating his shoulder in last night’s 3-1 loss to the Bruins.
    The first thing I noticed about him at camp was his diminuitive size and he’s already injured.

    For now the Guillaume Latendresse story continues, but not for long.

  • Cristobal Huet receives Roger Crozier Award

    Cristobal Huet will receive the Roger Crozier award in a ceremony before tonight’s pre-season contest against the Boston Bruins.

    The Award is given to the Goaltender with the best overall save percentage.

    Congrats to Huet and nice to see him donate the money to Canadiens charity.