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  • Ken Dryden and Serge Savard Numbers Retired

    #29 and #18 will soon join a prestigious group hanging from the rafters in the Bell Center.

    Their numerous accomplishments include 6 and 8 Stanley Cups respectively.
    A feat that seems impossible in today’s game.


  • Buffalo Sabres New Jersey

    The Canadiens open the season October 6th against the longtime divisional rival Buffalo Sabres.

    The Sabres will be debuting their newly crafted jersey which is causing outrage to many Buffalo fans.

    It seems the Sabres tried to go back to their roots with the Blue and Gold vintage colors and Buffalo but modernize them and this is the result:

    Sabres hockey jersey

    Sabres fans think it looks more like a ‘slug’ than a Buffalo. Opinions?

    The Canadiens logo is too historic to ever be modified in anyway. The Canadiens are one of the few teams whose third jersey is just a different (vintage) color combination. Should the Canadiens ever design a modern jersey?