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  • Mighty Sabres visit Montreal

    The league leading Buffalo Sabres are in town to pay a visit to team that came closest to handing them their only defeat this season.

    That’s right the Sabres have still not lost and at times they have looked down right menacing. They have a potent offense and have scored more goals than any other team including a 9-1 thrashing of the Philadelphia Flyers.

    All that being said, there is a certain confidence surrounding the Canadiens this year and the Sabres have to lose eventually. Montreal just might be the team to do it.

    To do so they’ll have to shut down the Sabres offense and continue to dominate on special teams. The Habs PK is second in the league and their powerplay is firing and is also 2nd best overall.

    Imagine the boost the team would get if they are the first team who are able to knock down the Sabres.

  • Return of Theo

    Tonight marks Jose Theodore’s return to Montreal and his chance at a little revenge after being traded for David Abeischer at last year’s trade deadline.

    Every traded player relishes in the chance to play their former team, but in this case the stakes are even higher.

    Will the volatile Montreal fans welcome him back or boo him mercilessly?

    Tonight will also be the return of long time Canadiens whipping boy Patrice Brisebois who may very well be playing his final game in the city of Montreal. It should be an emotional night for Brisebois who spent over 13 years with the Canadiens organization.

    David Abeischer will also be ready to play against the team who didn’t believe he was good enough for them.

    All the ingredients for a great game.