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  • Aaron Downey Update

    Apparently things are going better for Aaron Downey and he is awaiting the green light to begin skating again.

    Sportsnet reported some fabricated story that he was ready to retire. Well he isn’t which is good news for Habs fans and hockey fans in general.

    Hopefully Downey can make a full recovery and come back as healthy as before.

  • Fatigued Canadiens fall short

    After the intensity of the Calgary/Montreal game on Tuesday you knew the chances of having another action packed intense game were less than likely.

    Entering the barren wasteland known as the United Center with it’s bleak lighting and thousands of vacant seats was quite a different atmosphere than a raucous Bell Center. The Habs were done from the start.

    A great drive to the net by Havlat early in the game resulted in a goal even though the puck just slid off his stick. The go ahead goal was a clear error by Niinimaa who couldn’t get the puck out up the boards and lost it deep behind the net.

    The Canadiens fatigue showed and they were lifeless for most of the game. The thing is, so were the Blackhawks.

    Were it not for Khabibulin the Blackhawks probably wouldn’t have won that game. The Hawks have a chance with the Bulin Wall playing the way he can, the way he did in the 04 Lighting cup run.

    Next up for the Habs is the Jose Theodore vs David Aebischer grudge match. This should be great, with Brisebois also returning to the Bell Center. Now that’s atmosphere.

    Will the fans welcome Theo back or chant his name mockingly? This game is for more than just two points and you know everyone is going to be ready for it.