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  • Brodeur beats Habs

    You can’t win them all.

    The Canadiens played a pretty solid game but still couldn’t manage to beat the Devils and Martin Brodeur. Same old story.

    That makes it the fifth consecutive loss to NJ. Brodeur always shines when returning to Montreal and last night was no different. However, after Montreal’s last two games it looked like they were maybe ready to break that streak.

    Cristobal Huet seems to have found his confidence again after putting in another great performance.

    The most concerning thing about this game is both Alex Kovalev and Christopher Higgins left periodically with injuries. Both seemed to be somewhere around the ankle or lower leg. It’s not yet known how serious they may be.

    As well as the Canadiens are playing, remove those guys from the lineup and you can see how frail the team really is.

  • Claude Julien returns to Montreal

    It wasn’t long ago that Claude Julien was the Coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

    Tonight he’ll return to the Bell Center for the first time as coach of the New Jersey Devils.

    The Habs are looking to win three straight for the first time this year, but have not beat the Devils since 2004. The Canadiens lost all 4 games against NJ last year.

    Cristobal Huet will get the call after his shut out in Carolina.

    A win would bring the Habs an 8-2-3 record. Only 3 other teams in the league have 2 or less regulation losses.

    Claude Julien got the Canadiens off to a very quick start last year, but struggled in the middle of the season ultimately costing him his job. The Canadiens are off to an identical 17 point start as they were last year.

    Considering the similarity thus far in the season, I’m introducing a new feature.

    Vintage Habs Blog.

    The first entry shows what a difference a year can make. According to the entry, the Sabres were fanless, Yann Danis was in goal and Niklas Sundstrom had a ‘clutch goal’.

    Vintage Habs Blog – 1 year ago today

    How were the Habs doing? What was I saying about them? What were YOU saying about them?
    How has the team changed?