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  • Blades of Steel

    The Canadiens are seeking their first win in their third meeting with the league leading Buffalo Sabres.

    The Canadiens came very close to defeating the Sabres in the first game of the season before Buffalo exploded out of the gate and went on record setting winning streak.

    The second meeting the Canadiens were thoroughly outplayed and could not keep pace with the Sabres.

    The Habs are rolling right now. 4 wins in the last 5. Janne Niinimaa is out of the lineup and Cristobal Huet is playing the way we’ve grown accustomed to last year with consistent great performances.


    The debate of the Number 1 goaltender might soon get put to rest if Huet can silence the Buffalo snipers tonight. It would be his fifth consecutive win.

    The Canadiens as a team have not once been able to string together three wins in a row. It will be a big step for the team if they can do it against the Sabres. In Buffalo.

    Regardless of the outcome, the Sabres are the NHL’s most exciting team to watch. When the Canadiens play the way they can, they are pretty fun to watch too. Game on.

  • Radek Bonk: From Zero to Hero

    Radek Bonk scored a clutch goal to take the lead over the Wild in the final minutes of the 3rd period. The Canadiens went on to win their 4th game in their last 5.

    The Canadiens success this year has a lot to do with role players doing their job consistently and there is no better example than Radek Bonk.

    Yes, Radek Bonk.

    This time last year there was a lot of displeasure with Bonk who came to Montreal and did virtually nothing while cashing some pretty large checks. Bonk was targetted by fans and media all year and caught a lot of flak on a regular basis.

    Here’s some Bonk quotes from Habs Blog last year:

    Radek Bonk – What can you say? A total disappointment especially considering we gave up Mathieu Garon to acquire him. Bonk’s reputation around the league is of a lazy floater and he’s done everything in Montreal to prove that it’s true. 1 goal?

    Enter Radek Bonk. What can you say about Bonk? I don’t think anyone would argue he has done anything good for this team and it’s become increasingly hard to care at all that he is a Hab. Bonk saucered out a weak, poorly timed, poorly planned pass that was intercepted and a few seconds later it was in the net.

    Radek Bonk has a tear in groin muscle and is out indefinitely. If I were reporting this back in August or September I might have thought that this would be a big blow to the Habs and hard to overcome. Not the case. Radek Bonk has been nothing less than an underachiever this year. 0 goals and 2+ million dollars a year. You can say he has been hurt and never fully healthy, he did miss 8 games. Regardless, Canadiens fans (and management) expected a lot more from Bonk.


    How quickly things change?

    Bonk has 5 goals and like last night’s, many of those goals were important or game winners.

    Bonk is +11 and his line mates +12 and +9 along side of him. The line is extremely effective at shutting down the opponents top guns. And this extra scoring is a great bonus.

    The Canadiens are finally getting what they wanted from Radek Bonk and it’s becoming hard to picture the Habs without him.