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  • Hunting Wild Game

    Game Notes for tonight.

    • Frank Bouillon will be in the lineup, but as a forward.
    • This makes sense to test his knee first. In the event he can’t go, the Habs don’t go down a defenseman and get forced to give more ice time to someone else.

    • Tomas Plekanec is getting a second chance to play with Kovalev and Samsonov.
    • Same story with Kovalev. He’s doing ‘okay’ but okay is just not good enough. With so much raw natural talent the expectations on him are always sky high. He needs to be producing more and they are running out of places to put him.

      Same thing for Plekanec, there is a very talented hockey player buried under that ever present blue Habs turtleneck he sports. Time to break out.

    Should be a very fast paced game.

  • Bouillon’s Back and 8’s a crowd.

    Francis Bouillon will decide today whether or not he will make his return to the lineup against Minnesota Wednesday night.

    Bouillon’s knee is ready to go and the Doctors have given him the greenlight to play.

    First, this is great news for the Canadiens. Assuming he is healthy and will compete at the same level, Bouillon will no doubt improve the blueline.

    Bouillon may be one of the more underrated Defenseman in the league. Despite being on the smaller side physical, he is usually the most physical player on the ice and often surprises opponents with his strength.

    More importantly, Bouillon brings heart. There is nowhere in the world Bouillon would rather be at any given moment, than on the ice playing for the Canadiens. An attitude that rubs off on his teammates, and an attitude that certain other highly paid Habs seem to lack.

    The guy loves to be a Montreal Canadien and he shows it on every single shift.

    If Bouillon returns Wednesday, the Canadiens have a surplus of defenders and a decision to make.

    Anyone who has watched the Canadiens would agree that Janne Niinimaa and his 2.5 Million dollar contract has not fit in since arriving in Montreal. Before being a healthy scratch for the last three games, Niinimaa was given plenty of ice time and opportunities to show he belongs.

    He doesn’t. 17 games, 1 assist, -7.

    Will Carbonneau send Niinimaa to Hamilton? What other choice does he have?