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  • Patrick Roy inducted to Hall of Fame

    Tonight Patrick Roy will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    Roy’s roots run long and deep within the Canadiens organization.

    What is your memory of Roy?

    I will always remember the 1993 Playoffs when he dominated and back stopped the Habs to their last cup.

    roy wink

    Does Roy’s #33 belong in the Bell Center’s rafters?

  • Back to Hockey

    The Canadiens are in Toronto to take on the Leafs after a long rest in which they saw no action since Tuesday.

    The Habs and Leafs have traded shoot out victories this season with both teams winning on the road.

    On paper things point to a slight advantage for the Canadiens.

    They are rested. The Leafs are now without Captain Mats Sundin and starting goalie Andrew Raycroft both nursing injuries.

    How much rest is enough?

    The Habs haven’t played since Tuesday. This could have two possible results. Either they are rested, healed and ready to go after the break. Or they come out slow and lackadaisical after being away for too long. The latter often happens to playoff teams who wait too long after dispatching their opponents quickly.

    Being it’s a Habs and Leafs game, it should not be too hard to ‘get up’ for it.

    The Canadiens played very poorly against the Leafs in their last game until they managed a late rally to send it to a shoot out. Another shoot out and another guaranteed Leaf point is not the most desirable outcome.

    Abeischer gets the start tonight, his 3rd consecutive against the Leafs. Is this something we can expect to see all year? Designated goalies for designated teams? Abby for Leafs, Huet for Bruins. Maybe Pat Jablonski is available for Ranger games.