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  • Saturday Night’s Alright

    Is there a better feeling than a cool December Saturday with Habs and Leafs on the menu?

    Leafs Habs. Habs Leafs. Saturday Night. Nation wide.

    You never quite know what you are going to get from the Leafs on any given night. They seem to get up more for the Habs than any team. Especially on the road.

    The Canadiens are looking to keep up their impressive streak of never losing back to back games. Accomplished only by them and the Sabres. The Habs have always found a way to rebound after a loss. Correct their errors and win again.

    The Leafs are in the other boat, losers of three straight. In danger of sliding down the ladder with the Senators and Bruins starting to win games. The Leafs have not scored much recently and are up against the hottest goalie in the NHL.

    Sergei Samsonov, possible the season’s biggest disappointment and now subject of many trade rumors. His last goal came against the Maple Leafs way back on October 28th. The last time anyone noticed Samsonov, October 28th. That’s not good enough Sergei.

    Although most rumors floating around seldom come true, this is one you hope might have some credibility. Samsonov has been a big disappointment.

    For comparison, Radek Bonk has been one of the best Canadiens this year. Last year he was public enemy #1. Will Samsonov follow the same path? He may not have that luxury and certainly doesn’t deserve it. He’s been paid now, he needs to produce now and that’s the bottom line.

    Enjoy the game.