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  • Favorable Schedule

    The Canadiens won their 5th consecutive game last night against the Flyers.

    The Habs had a few minor hiccups but at the end of the night it was evident the Canadiens were a much better team. Another 2 points in the bank.

    5 wins in a row is a feat the Habs accomplished only once last year.

    What’s next? How long can the Habs win streak stay alive?

    Although they are embarking on a road trip, their schedule can still be considered favorable.

    The first game this Saturday in Boston may be the toughest. The Canadiens owned the Bruins last season but this year the games have always been close.

    After Boston their next 5 games are against teams that are below .500 with meetings against Tampa, Florida and Washington.

    Winnable games.

    The Sabres schedule is a bit tougher with meetings that include the Thrashers and Canes and the Senators who have beat them twice already.

    It’s not totally inconceivable that the Canadiens may reach 1st overall in the Eastern Conference sometime early in the New Year.

    When is the last time you could say that?
    Merry Christmas Hab Fans.

  • Extending the streak

    The Canadiens have a season high 4 consecutive wins in a row. The latest coming against Conference leading Buffalo in their own building. In other words, the Habs are streaking. How far can they go?

    Tonight chances are good they will win their 5th consecutive game against the bottom feeding Flyers. No guarantees however as the Flyers have already left Montreal with a victory in their pocket earlier this season.

    The Canadiens seemed to take the Flyers lightly in that game and they got caught with an embarrassing loss on home ice. The way the Canadiens have played recently suggests that they won’t make that mistake again. They’ve learned what it takes to win game in and game out, beat the best, and are prepared to do it.

    Maxim Lapierre was sent back to Hamilton after a very strong performance during his games with the Canadiens. This of course sparked a mini controversy as almost every coaching move or roster change does in Montreal.

    Lapierre being sent back was purely business and no reflection of his play. He will be back when the time is right.

    The positive side of this is the proven depth the Canadiens have waiting. Guys are praying to get a chance just to play and it translates on the ice. Playing for the Canadiens is a privilege not a right.

    Maxim Lapierre waited over a year after getting his first NHL game to get another call, and when he did, he came out flying. He was ready. Aaron Downey is trying to beat up teammates just to get noticed enough, and maybe slide in the starting line up for one game.

    There’s a healthy competition going on within the Habs resulting in the best possible team on the ice for every game.

    The results speak for themselves.