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  • Back to Back Losses

    The Canadiens lost two consecutive games for the first time this season.

    The Habs managed a 1 goal lead early and for most of the game looked as though they’d hang on to the win.

    David Abeischer played very well. You have to feel bad for him, he plays a strong game, is 5 minutes away from a shutout win and then the Canadiens crumble and it’s a 2-1 OT loss. Not even a chance in the shoot out.

    Brodeur was weak on the Habs first goal but typical Brodeur showed up for all the other Canadiens scoring threats and didn’t allow them a more commanding lead.

    The real question now is how the Habs will battle back from their first losing ‘streak’. If you can call two games a streak.

    The Habs have not been in this position yet and it’ll be interesting to watch how they respond.

    Another game tonight against the surprisingly good and well coached Islanders. To be followed by another evening with the Sabres. It won’t be easy.

    vintage habs blog

    Vintage Habs Blog

    Dec 8 2005

  • Devil Dance

    The Montreal Canadiens visit the New Jersey Devils tonight at the Meadowlands.

    Historically not a very successful place to play if you’re from Montreal. 1 win in the past 23 games in NJ. Totally owned.

    Tonight will be no easier, the Devils go for their 6th straight home win and have a 9-1-1 record while playing host. The Devils are also 5-0 in the last 5 against le Tricolore. Ouch.

    Add to that the Claude Julien factor. Anyone who’s ever been canned by an employer loves to get their revenge and Julien will be ready to beat his old team for the second time this year. Oh ya, don’t forget that Martin Brodeur guy….he seems to like playing the Canadiens for some reason.

    On paper everything points to another Habs loss. Potentially their first back to back loss of the year. Maybe that’s the perfect setup for a reversal of the trend.

    David Abeischer gets the chance to be the savior tonight. Cristobal Huet had a rough one against Boston, why subject him to the statistically worst possible chance at a win? Especially with the surging Islanders and the Sabres following shortly.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Aaron Downey’s ‘practice intensity’ pays off and gets him a spot in the lineup. I’d expect the answer to be yes and look for a fight with Janssen if the Canadiens go down a goal early.