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  • Carbo flips – Habs out-classed

    I’ve been trying to find the audio of Carbonneau flipping out in French but I haven’t yet.

    Just tune in to any Montreal radio station today and I’m sure it will be replayed.

    Guy Carbonneau showed sings of anger and frustration after yesterday’s 2-0 loss to the Red Wings.

    The Habs didn’t show up, they didn’t work and it showed.

    The Habs are a decent team, the Red Wings are a good team. The Habs are a playoff toss up, the Wings always playoff contender. The difference couldn’t have been clearer than yesterday’s game.

    Carbonneau’s patience seems to be running out and tonight against the Canucks we might see a different lineup and perhaps a press box visit or night on the bench for some players.

    The problem is the Canucks are in town and are on a tear. Not to mention Roberto Luongo wins games on his own, and loves to play in Montreal.

    On the other hand, David Abeischer allowed two horrible goals against the Wings. If he hopes to have any chance to ever break into some more games he can not play like he has. Who will confidently play Abeischer after performances like that?

    What kind of performance can we expect tonight?

  • The Aftermath


    It’s been a couple days since the Canadiens took a pounding from the Ottawa Senators in which they gave up 8 goals, 6 of them coming so quick and compounding so hard that it left no other choice to pull Cristobal Huet on the same day he was announced an All-Star.

    The Canadiens played an awful first period with many defensive lapses. Throw in a few bad bounces and the Sens had an insurmountable lead early in the game. Ugly. No way to start Hockey Day in Canada.

    Did the Habs play poorly? No question. Are there defensive concerns on this team? Absolutely. Is the whole season trashed and burnt because of one bad loss? Not even close.

    When you’re being beaten badly your coach will tell you to go out and ‘win the period.’ The game might be over but win the period and leave on a good note. The Canadiens woke up in the third and although it was much too late, they did ‘win the period’.

    There is some concern when you lose 6 of your last 10 and prior to that have never lost more than 2 consecutive games. It hurts extra being beaten by 5 goals while on National TV coast to coast, but in the end it’s one game and professionals can move on from a bad game.

    The fact remains that a season is based on 82 games and not 1. Or 2 or even 6 or 10.

    Even the Leafs managed to score 10 goals in a game this year and the Leafs have about as much chance making the Playoffs as Tomas Kaberle has growing a beard.
    “Trade him”, “demote him”, “call him up”. That is all most people can manage to say when they are frustrated with the team.
    Could a move help? Certainly.
    Speculating on every single player and transaction possible is futile, if a good deal can be made to improve the team then Bob Gainey will make it. Bottom line. You don’t know what it will be or when it will be especially with Bob.
    milky creamy tomas kaberle

    Do you think Bob Gainey doesn’t know Sergei Samsonov is a bust? Do you think when they see Yannick Perrault named an All Star and has more goals than Michael Ryder, Sergei Samsonov, or Alex Kovalev they don’t think back?

    The Habs are still in good position. This is where coaching and leadership have to come in and take over.

    Is it going to be easy? Of course not. The new NHL is all about parity and all about any team winning on any given night. Since the Christmas break some of the hottest teams in the league are the Coyotes, Blues, Canucks and Blue Jackets.

    Would anyone have predicted that? Could anyone have? That’s what makes hockey great to follow and great to watch.

    Is it going to get worse before it gets better? Two things the Habs have struggled with badly are afternoon games and back to back games. The Habs don’t play this afternoon but they do go to Motorcity to take on the Red Wings before coming home to take on the Canucks.

    Mathieu Dandenault’s first trip back to Detroit after spending most of his career a Red Wing.

    The Habs play so rarely in Detroit it’s hard to know what to expect. Will Carbonneau shake up the lines or take any drastic measures? Find out at game time.