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  • Carey Price World Junior MVP

    Forget the Canadiens recent struggles for a moment and take a look at Bob Gainey’s surprise 5th overall pick in the 2005 draft.

    Carey Price

    • Tournament All Star
    • Best Goaltender
    • Tournament MVP

    Not too bad.

  • Saku Koivu’s 500th Point

    Tonight may be the night where Saku Koivu reaches the 500 point plateau.

    Koivu is one point shy of the accomplishment. You wonder how many points Koivu would have had he not had so many setbacks in his career. It’ll be nice to see him get it tonight but would be even nicer on home ice.

    The Canadiens are in Washington where they won recently and the Capitals are slumping with 5 straight losses.

    Teams like Ottawa are creeping up on Montreal and these are must win games to keep their position and hopefully gain ground on the Sabres.

    As it was last week, limit the chances of Ovechkin and there’s a strong chance to win.

    As long as the Canadiens keep winning for the most part, not much will change. But you wonder how much longer guys like Samsonov and Ryder will be allowed to underproduce.

    Ryder is in a bit of a slump. He’s been counted on as the main Canadiens goal scorer the past couple years so to see him not scoring as much as expected is noticeable and somewhat troubling. But nowhere near as troubling as Sergei Samsonov’s lack of production.

    It’s become painful to watch him on the ice and should he remain this consistent throughout the remainder of the year it’ll go down as one of the biggest busts in recent Habs history. I think it’s completely realistic that Aaron Downey or Garth Murray may finish with more goals than Samsonov. Playing about 2000 minutes less.

    Remember Sergei Berezin?

    I have visions of Samsonov spending George Gillete’s money on russian caviar while he and Berezin pass the Canadiens 10,000th goal puck back and forth.