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  • Habs in 2007

    Happy New Year.

    The question Habs fans are wondering is will the 2007 portion of the season be as good as their 2006?

    The Canadiens will hope to start off on the right foot after definitely ending it on the wrong one.

    The last Friday/Saturday games in Florida were by far the most painful and difficult to watch and the worst effort the team has put forth thus far.

    The Canadiens did not look like the Canadiens have looked all year.

    Can they bounce back and avoid the longest losing streak to date? The Habs have not lost three consecutive games all season long and will want to avoid that slippery slope.

    The fact is even good teams go through losing streaks.

    The Habs are a confident bunch after their strong start and you’d think they’ll dig their way out of their slump sooner rather than later.

    The fact that a two game losing streak is causing alarm is actually quite humorous considering the past decade of Canadiens hockey.