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  • Who needs Peter Forsberg anyway?

    Yesterday Bob Gainey admitted to making a few calls over to Philadelphia to see what the price for Peter Forsberg was. Absolutely no response, no interest from King Peter and the Flyers.

    Another apparent dis to Montreal and Hab fans who want a big name trade before the deadline.

    The Habs got a bit of karmic revenge when Peter Forsberg fell flat on his ass in his attempt to tie the Canadiens winning shoot out goal.

    You could already hear him blaming it on his foot, his skate, his whatever, before he even got up off the ice. Even better was Tomas Plekanec used Peter’s own move in the shoot out to keep the Canadiens in it.

    Here’s an interesting stat, since Forsberg was dealt to the Preds he has 0 points, in that same span Garth Murray is tearing up the net with 2 clutch goals.

    Enough picking on Peter, as bad as his shoot out attempt was I don’t think I’ve seen a worse shot in the history of the shoot out than Alexander Perezhogin’s shot. I’m pretty sure even Aaron Downey could get a shot ON GOAL in a shootout.

    The good news is the Canadiens got 2 points on the road against a great team. Everyone expected the Habs to walk out with a loss but they overcame 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 and 5-4 leads on the road against one of the best teams in the west.

    If the Canadiens hadn’t taken 400 penalties and scored 2 goals in their own net it might not have even went that far.

    The Predators offense is potent no doubt, but for a team that has expectations of a deep playoff run their D looks suspect. After all, these are the Canadiens that they squandered 3 two goal leads too not the Red Wings.

    Jaro Halak seems to be gaining confidence with each game, 3-0 ain’t a bad start in the NHL and he’s looked pretty solid. How long can he keep it up?

    Out of nowhere it seems the Canadiens have won 3 straight games and are still hovering in that 5th-10th pack. Huge points for a team about to embark on a long road trip.

  • Your ideal Sheldon Souray Trade

    Six days remain to see whether or not Sheldon Souray will be traded.

    So put yourselves in Bob Gainey’s shoes and make the deal.

    Does Souray go alone and who do you go after in return?

    The team with most heavy interest is rumored to be the Sharks who have just coincidentally recalled Steve Bernier.

    Is it a Souray for Bernier swap? More players or picks involved? Or is Souray going somewhere altogether different?