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  • Gut Check Time

    The Habs are about to play back to back games against the Ottawa Senators. Luckily for the Canadiens they are not quite back to back, but with a day of rest in between.

    The last time the Canadiens played the Senators they put forth one of their best efforts of the year and they won. Polar opposite of the 8-3 thrashing they received on Hockey Day in Canada.

    With the Eastern Conference standings tightening up on a nightly basis, Divisional and Conference games are even more important.

    Despite the Canadiens mediocre play, as of now they still remain in 4th place. Several teams are knocking on the door including the Senators and these next two games can be considered an 8 point series.

    How and will Sergei Samsonov respond? How will fans treat him? Will Gainey and Carbonneau regret not sending him to Hamilton?

    With the Canadiens 5 on 5 scoring ability ranking among worst in the league, the goaltending Cristobal Huet provided early in the year has to resurface in order for the Canadiens to remain in games.

    The Canadiens have not scored the first goal of a game in the past 6 games.

    David Abeischer has quietly been receiving the starting role on a more regular basis.
    What is the significance?

    Is Abeischer filling in solely to give Cristobal Huet a bit of a breather? Is he playing more because he’s out played Huet recently? Or is it possible Abeischer is being showcased for a potential trade?

    Maybe all of the above.

  • Samsonov Clears Waivers

    To nobody’s surprise, Sergei Samsonov has cleared waivers today.

    The Russian winger, a major disappointment this season, says he’s looking forward to staying on with the Montreal Canadiens after meeting with head coach Guy Carbonneau and GM Bob Gainey.

    If you were GM Bob Gainey what would you do to solve this problem?

    How quickly his attitude changes after realizng his market value is worthless.

    Options? Samsonov can be sent to Hamilton. Is this another Alex Mogilny situation? Former Russian star washes up in the minor leagues?

    Samsonov can be re inserted into the lineup.

    Samsonov can sit.

    Nobody knows what was said behind closed doors, but Samsonov embarrassed Gainey and the Habs by repeatedly complaining to the media and most recenetly demanding a trade.

    Samsonov demanding a trade when nobody wants him, puts him in between a rock and a hard place. In my humble opinion, deservedly so.