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  • Samsonov wants out!

    Good Riddance!

    Sergei Samsonov and his agent aren’t pleased. Not pleased with how he’s been treated in Montreal.

    Well roll out the red carpet for Mr. Samsonov because he’s certainly earned it, hasn’t he? He should be calling the shots right? With his performance he’s earned the right to demand what he wants, earned the right to flap his gums to the media.

    Samsonov will never recover from this. Should he NOT be traded, the taste he’s left in the mouths of Canadiens fans is bitter. Very bitter.

    Who in their right mind will take Samsonov and his salary? The big rumor is Chicago. Gainey will have to pull some strings to come out ahead on this one.

    Congratulations Mr. Samsonov, you’ve brought no class to an organization built on it.

  • Matinee Horror Show

    Yesterday’s matinee was certainly a horror picture. A scary one for the ages.

    Another terrible day time effort and another day time loss. The Canadiens are the scariest show around on a weekend afternoon.

    The sequel is set for 2PM today. Which team will show up? The intense, combative and passioniate one from Thursday night or the lifeless weekend zombies?

    Carbonneau has sent for replacements in Downey, Niinimaa and Murray. Now what will Mr.Downey do with the ice time he’s going to seee?

    The bottom line is if the Habs put up another horror flick Pittsburgh will tie their point total, pass them with their 2 games in hand and the Canadiens will fall to 6th. Their lowest ranking of the year and only 4 points from being 9th and out of the playoffs.

    Now that’s scary!