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  • Habs and Sabres: 4 games left

    The Habs play the Sabres tonight at the Bell Center in another crucial game.
    8 possible points left up for grabs for the Canadiens.
    Finshing anywhere from 6th-11th is possible, every point more important than the last.

  • Habs and Sens: 5 games left

    The Canadiens travel down the road to play in Ottawa tonight. A place that hasn’t been so friendly to them as of late.

    The big question is, how long can the Canadiens keep winning? With 5 consecutive wins, they are right in the thick of the race and even a 6th place finish is a possibility.

    On the other hand, an 11th place finish is not too far fetched either.

    How far can they push their current streak? 6 wins? 7 wins? More? You have to believe the Canadiens are aware of their situation, and will be ready to compete. The same way they have in their past five games.

    This weekend will be tough one with Buffalo following tomorrow night in Montreal. A split this weekend and 2/4 points would probably be considered a good weekend.

    But dealing the Senators and Sabres both a loss, would be pretty inspiring and confidence boosting heading into the post season.