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  • Good News

    The Islanders lose to Ottawa and Carolina loses to New Jersey. Meaning the Habs don’t lose any more ground.

    As far as gaining ground, the chance is there if they pick up point(s) tonight in Pittsburgh and the ever important Leafs game on Saturday night.

    The Habs back to back games record this year is atrocious and they’ll have to find a way to break that trend.

    If they go all out tonight and have nothing left for the more important game against Toronto it could mean trouble. Especially if they don’t come out with 2 points tonight. Then again the Habs ‘going all out’ doesn’t seem to happen very often anyway.

    If the luck continues and the Leafs and Rangers lose tonight and the Habs steal all 4 points this weekend, the standings will look much much better for the Habs.

  • Habs fight back

    The Canadiens showed last night that they can still play hockey from time to time. They actually looked like hockey players, playing as a team and they managed a huge win. A win while coming from two goals down, something they haven’t done in a long time.

    Aebischer let in the first goal and then another on a penalty shot and it started to look like the same old story for the Canadiens.

    It didn’t look great when a cold Mike Dunham comes off the bench, having not started in 19 games and stoned the Canadiens on 3-4 good scoring chances. Basically outshining Aebischer at that point.

    The Habs key players started doing their job.

    The best game by far in a long time for Guillaume Latendresse, Michael Ryder, Chris Higgins and Andrei Kostitsyn. Hopefully this is something they can build on and produce consistently down the final stretch.

    Yvon Pedenault made a great point, letting us know Guillaume Latendresse now has more goals than Alex Kovalev. One is a rookie, one is a veteran earning over $4 million.

    The log jam is even tighter now with 5 teams within only 2 points of each other. All of a sudden the Islanders don’t look so secure anymore. Especially with the future of Rick DiPietro uncertain. They are by no means safe. Which is good news for the Habs.