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  • Tuesday

    Not much new to say about the Canadiens until after tonight.

    Flu Problems, Samsonov complaining, sounds like December and January all over again.

    Tonight could go any number of ways, the way the Habs need it to go is

    1. Habs defeat Islanders
    2. Ottawa defeats New York
    3. Florida defeats Carolina
    4. Tampa defeats Toronto
    5. Buffalo defeats Pittsburgh

    More importantly, Abeischer needs a strong game and to gain his confidence if the Canadiens have any slim remaining chance to finish in 8th.

  • Sergei Samsonov

    How would you handle the Sergei Samsonov situation?

    What would you do this year and/or the off season to remedy the problems he has created?

    Lack of production is one thing, but his repeated public whining and complaining to the media has tarnished his reputation forever. It’s also put Bob Gainey in a very difficult position.

    What do you do?