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  • Everyone Wins

    The Canadiens are up 3-0 on the Blues, the Leafs are down 3-1 to the Senators. It’s looking good.

    The Canadiens give up 3 straight goals and barely escape with a win and the Leafs battle back and beat Ottawa in overtime.

    Everyone wins and the Habs gain no ground.

    The Habs never make it easy on themselves and even though they won they did so in their typical frantic and panicky manner.

    Today Boston beat Detroit, in Detroit. The Rangers beat the Hurricanes in overtime giving the Canes that extra one point. Maybe the point that secures 8th spot?

    This could be one of the tighest finishes in recent history with more than a couple teams missing out by just 1 or 2 points.

  • Hanging around

    Despite some very ugly hockey and 4 consecutive losses, the Canadiens are still only 1 point out of a playoff spot.

    How can that be?

    Well this is partially due to the Bruins and Leafs and the other bottom dwellers not being able to put together any wins either.


    They are just as bad as the Canadiens.

    This isn’t a race for 1st. The Habs are not battling for the President’s Trophy, the Conference or even the Division. They are battling for 8th spot with other bad mediocre teams complete with of their own share of issues and problems.

    Last time I checked the medals being handed out stopped after Bronze. There’s no glory and reward in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and last of all eighth.

    8th spot is the 7th loser, but the fact remains 8th spot in the NHL is as good as 1st when it comes to getting in to the playoffs. The cliche that the playoffs are a new season altogether is true. The Habs of all teams should know this after upsetting the 1st and 2nd seeds in recent playoff campaigns.

    The gap between 1st and 8th may be worlds apart, but is the difference between 8th, 9th and 10th spot that much?

    Next time you are frustrated with how bad the Habs are playing, turn on a Bruins game or even better – Canada’s favorite Leafs. Then remember at this point their competition isn’t the Sabres, Devils, Senators or Predators but the other impaired teams surrounding them.

    The Leafs have their Stanley Cup engraver on call from the first puck drop off the season. The Canes actually WON the Cup last year. The Rangers have players like Jagr and Shanahan. The Bruins with Savard and Chara – and here the lowly Canadiens are still sharing space in the same boat.

    Who wants it more? The team that will play for 8th spot like their playing for 1st overall.

    Is that the Canadiens? It doesn’t look like it.

    But until all the little x’s and y’s are up on the NHL standings indicating the clinched teams, there is still a chance.