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  • Halak Attack

    Guy Carbonneau pretty much went on the record saying that Jaroslav Halak will be the goaltender the Canadiens will rely on to get them to the post-season.

    Can he do it?

    It wouldn’t be the first time the Canadiens try to rely on a hot goalie to get them into the playoffs and even win them a cup.

    There’s a lot of pressure on the 21 year old goalie that has barely even played in the NHL.

    Looking at the remaining teams in the playoff hunt and their goalies:

    Atlanta Thrashers: Kari Lehtonen
    Tampa Bay Lightning: Denis/Holmqvist
    NY Islanders: Rick DiPietro
    Toronto Maple Leafs: Andrew Raycroft
    Carolina Hurricanes: Cam Ward
    New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist
    Boston Bruins: Tim Thomas

    Not very much experience there with the exception of maybe DiPietro and Cam Ward who is still young and has still never completed a full season. Halak however is the least experienced of all.

    It will come down to who gets hot and stays hot down the stretch.

    A lot to ask of a rookie goalie.

  • Time Off

    The Canadiens won’t play until Thursday night in Atlanta in what can only be called a ‘must win’ game.

    Aren’t they all must win games now?

    The time off will hopefully help cure and eliminate any ‘flu’ or ‘bug’ that still going around. Hopefully give the coaching staff some time to eliminate the ‘crappy hockey bug’ that’s infected just about everyone.

    More importantly…this little rest starts the yearly “get the Habs into the playoffs” tradition.

    This is where Habs fans start watching and cheering for other teams. Not against the Canadiens, but against other teams where the outcome will give the Canadiens the best possible chance to squeak in to 8th.

    Because the Canadiens never make it easy on themselves, they must hope the 7th seed defeats the 9th seed and the 8th seed loses to the 1st seed and every possible combination on every single night to keep them alive.

    This is part of being a Habs fan for the past decade or more.

    Tonight the Rangers square off against the Islanders. Now the Islanders made some good moves at the deadline, and even prior to that were really turning it on. They are probably locked into one of those spots. So on this night we all cheer on Ryan Smyth and the Islanders to defeat the Rangers for the sole reason of keeping the Rangers off our back ass.

    Because a Rangers win puts them only 1 point behind us, with 2 games in hand.

    So pull out your Jarmoir Jagr Voodoo doll and your Islanders jersey because this is what we need if the Canadiens don’t plan on winning any more games this year.

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