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  • Abby-horrent

    What can you say about a game like that? It’s the same story every night. Penalty after penalty….or weak goaltending…never a full 60 minutes of hockey…or all of the above.

    The Canadiens score 5 goals and still lose. They allow 8. Eight goals.

    Was every single goal Aebischer’s fault? No, but this is the race to the playoffs and goaltending is incredibly important. David Aebischer is not playing like a professional goalie. He is not making the saves, not keeping his team in games and certainly not building ANY confidence on the team.

    The whole point we had David Aebischer all year earning in the millions, was if Cristobal Huet went down with injury or just didn’t get the job done we’d have a ‘reliable backup’ to come in. Someone who’s been on winning teams, experienced and ready to play.

    Face it, Aebischer is another Habs bust. He hasn’t done what he’s supposed to. The Canadiens post season hopes now rest on an untested rookie and another AHL journeyman. The sad thing is they might come in and save the day. At this point the coaching staff has no other options but to turn to them. Halak will start tonight in Boston.

    If you said at the beginning of the year the Canadiens would start the playoffs with Jaroslav Halak or Michael Leighton you’d be met with stares and laughs no doubt.

    Cristobal Huet may be back in time, but if the team doesn’t pull it together fast Huet’s return will be to the golf course and not the rink.

  • Playoff Preview?

    The trade deadline has come and gone and the criticism about the Canadiens lack of activity was harsh.

    The bottom line is it has passed and the Canadiens still have 16 games remaining and a playoff birth on the line.

    If the playoffs started today, the Habs and Sabres would be squaring off in Buffalo and that just so happens to be exactly what’s on schedule for tonight.

    Earlier in the year a Habs and Sabres game was always exciting and entertaining as two of the quickest teams in the East kept a fierce pace for 60 minutes or more.

    These days the Sabres have been hit hard by injuries and the Canadiens are playing their best version of Jekyll and Hyde hockey.

    If the Canadiens play the way they did against the Leafs, skating, forechecking and finishing every single hit – they look like they can compete with any team in the league.

    If they play the way they did in New York, they’d have trouble beating some Pee Wee teams.

    Consistency is lacking. Big time.

    The Habs usually ‘get up’ for a game against the Sabres and they will have to be ready to play every remaining game if they hope to not squander their season and finish 9th or worst.