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  • Sheldon Souray: The Last Stand

    Recent buzz indicates Bob Gainey is making one last final push to re-sign Sheldon Souray.

    Souray Bloody Souray

    Wishful thinking?

    Souray has long been considered by the media and fans to be fleeing Montreal.

    This late in the game is there any chance Sheldon Souray will stay? Or is this just last minute pandering for the media and fans?

    Time for speculation is over, as there is less than one week before Sheldon Souray potentially hits the free agent market and signs elsewhere — with nothing in return.

  • Montreal Canadiens 2007 Entry Draft

    Who will the Canadiens be picking up this Friday at the draft? A future star? …Or stars? Or future duds? Late round sleeper picks? Or an average crop of average players?

    Will the Canadiens go with local boy Angelo Esposito who almost everyone is pegging them to take? Will he even be available? Will the Canadiens trade up? Trade down?

    McGuire Says:
    Montreal is upset about McDonagh coming off the board. That being said, Montreal is dying for a local person to stimulate the fans and the team. The Canadiens are not going to miss this time like they did by passing on Denis Savard years ago. Esposito has some maturing to do, but the Habs think he can do it. Cuthbert scooped me on Couture, and MacLean took McDonagh, so Esposito is next.

    Bob Gainey shocked everyone by picking Carey Price. Nobody saw it coming and there was lots of doubt and negativity surrounding it at the time. Fast forward 2 years and it appears to be a pretty smart move and potentially a brilliant one.

    So…what’s in store for the Canadiens at this draft?